Intelli-G Long Range unit is now available!

We are happy to announce you that the Intelli-G Long Range unit has exited the Beta stage and is now available for ordering.

The shipping of the first batch of Intelli-G Long Range units has started on June 16.

For ordering, please access our product page.

Hot features of the next release!

1. DJI A3 + LightBridge 2 Support.

You will be able to use any input control on the Slave Remote (switches, sliders and sticks) to control your camera settings while flying. A new Intelli-G app. will be available for use with the LB2 Slave Remote.

Questionnaire is published

The technical questionnaire we previously announced has just been published.

Be one of the first to fill it in at: to let us know if Intelli-G suits your professional needs.

Preparing a Usage Questionnaire

We are currently preparing a technical questionnaire with the purpose of identifying your expected usage scenarios of Intelli-G in conjunction with your videography/photography equipment. This is to better understand your expectations from our product. Based on the questionnaire result, we will try to advise you on whether Intelli-G is currently compatible with your equipment or it's better to wait until a next release.

The long waiting is almost over

A first batch of Intelli-G devices, as well as the corresponding mobile application, are currently in the last stages of testing and will soon be available for purchase. Our plan is to release this first batch of Intelli-G devices in a couple of weeks. We will get back to you as soon as possible with more information.